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Logo Earthmen Husstie By Rens Rodolf

All my life I have been able to listen better to someone if I can draw at the same time. From an early age I started doing this on paper during lessons at school. After a few years I developed myself into digital drawing using a fairly simple app on my smartphone. A start using this app about 13 years ago, and currently still doing.

The simple digital doodles that I started with around 2009 have grown into complex drawings, were you can get lost in time for countless hours.

I can get lost in time for countless hours myself by looking for the perfect marriage between shapes, colours and lines that make sense in my head.

In addition to my regular job in healthcare, I find peace and satisfaction by drawing every day. Over the years I have been able to work better and better from a concept or upon inquiry, thus arrive at an end result that makes both me and a client happy.

At the beginning of 2022 I started the platform ‘Earthmen Husstie‘ together with 2 friends. Earthmen Husstie offers my works as NFTs, but also as limited prints on high quality paper. The fact that people can take ownership of my work, in different ways, makes me proud and gives me an energy that makes me more ambitious today than ever before. Let’s go!

If you have any questions or remarks make sure to contact us!